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Tsipouro old

Aging in oak barrels for 2 years.
Blend of varieties. It maintains citrus flavours and a deep noissette (buttery) aftertaste.
Suggested as an old fashion drink.
Awarded with the Silver Medal at IWSC 2018
Bottle 500ml

Mister Grape (triple distilled)

Pure distillate of triple distillation.
A tasty distillate in which we can taste the aromas of grapes as they have turned into esters
Awarded with the Bronze Medal at IWSC 2019 and with the Silver Medal at the International Competition for Wines and Distillates (Thessaloniki 2019) from our first effort.
Bottle 700ml


Blend of varieties from the best grape marc.
Fresh aroma of varieties.
It accompanies gourmet dishes and seafood perfectly.
Awarded with the Silver Medal (score 92 points) at IWSC 2019
Bottles: 50ml, 200ml, 500ml

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Our distillery Dionysia Kelaria was founded out of our love for distilling and from the need to provide a tsipouro of unique quality, due to our unique distilling process. Browse our website and learn everything about our company and our product "Tsipouro Ntaraios".



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