Kalamata Νικόλαος Βρυώνης κ΄Σια Ο.Ε.  2721028985
  Κρόνος Α.Ε.  2721088881
  Μούσες (Α. Κάια- Κανελλοπούλου κ Σια Ο.Ε.)  2721020069
  Γεώργιος Αναστ. Λεκκας κ΄Σια Ε.Ε.  2721090040
  Αφοί Π. Μουργή Α.Ε.  2721025400
  Δημήτριος Παναγ. Σωτηρόπουλος Ο.Ε.  6934108784
Patra Κάβα Ρωμάνος  2610221777
Κάβα Κορδά  2610274415
Athens Κάβα Αγγελίδης (Γλυφάδα-Αργυρούπολη)  2109640556
  Κάβα Ανθίδης (Μαρούσι)  2106127325
  Κάβα Vinoterra (Νέο Ηράκλειο)  2102717554
  Κάβα Οινοθήκη (Αθήνα)  2108210687


In case none of our partners are in your area, feel free to contact us, in order to be informed about the easiest way to obtain our products.

We are always interested in new partnerships and always happy to help if you want tsipouro Dareos in your establishment.


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Tsipouro Ntaraios can be found in many supermarkets and liquor stores. In case you are unable to find it, click the button below to view a list of partners!


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Who we are

Our distillery Dionysia Kelaria was founded out of our love for distilling and from the need to provide a tsipouro of unique quality, due to our unique distilling process. Browse our website and learn everything about our company and our product "Tsipouro Ntaraios".



Tel-fax +30 27610 22607
3rd Km Kyparissia - Pirgos
national road
Kyparissia Messinia
email: tsipourodareos(at)