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Tsipouro «Dareos» began looking for the knowledge of distilling (knowledge lost in our area, Messinia) at Tzoumerka mountains, mountainous Arta, mountainous Karditsa. Friends re-entrered us into the art of distilling with the taste of «Izabela» (a grape variety), fresh from the cauldron, sweetening the space around us and our mouths during the distilling process.

In our minds, distilling remains part of our history, which so unfairly and violently, ever since the first post-war period, was under persecution, which resulted in the complete destruction of all the equipment used to distill tsipouro and the subsequent loss of all knowledge, a valuable legacy from our ancestors.

Nevertheless these unorthodox practices of the past did not succeed in destroying the memory of distilling and the need to return to it. By using all the available information, passed orally from generation to generation and combining it with the most advanced scientific knowledge, we bottled our first tsipouro after many studies and experimental distilling.

By ensuring the quality of raw materials from our own vineyards and from selected partners in Trifilia, and with the opinions of acclaimed tasters as our allies, we continue our effort for the best result, always keeping an open mind to the taste horizons of tsipouro.

Our latest product is matured tsipouro in oak barrels.

Our products are available in 50ml, 200ml και 500ml bottles. We are certain that you will appreciate the taste and quality of our distillate, which has already won the preference of all those who have tasted it.

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Our distillery Dionysia Kelaria was founded out of our love for distilling and from the need to provide a tsipouro of unique quality, due to our unique distilling process. Browse our website and learn everything about our company and our product "Tsipouro Ntaraios".



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Kyparissia Messinia
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